Primex Field Days & Australian Made

When we consider products to purchase, factors considered include where they are manufactured, how these products are sourced and whether they are ethically manufactured as examples.

Australian Made encourages people to look for and identify wherever possible, Australian products when they go shopping. Country of origin labels (labels that tell us where a product is from) help customers know whether a product is genuinely made or grown in Australia.

The partnership between Australian Made and Primex Field Days is designed to promote and highlight the products that are showcased at the event, for the benefit of thousands of consumers that view and attend the event.

‘We are delighted to have Primex Field Days as an Australian Made Event Partner. The demand for quality Australian Made agricultural machinery and produce grown in our clean, green environment continues to rise. Primex Field Days helps to connect manufacturers and growers with customers, and supports growth in rural and regional communities’

Ben Lazzaro
Australian Made Campaign Chief Executive


To find out more or to certify your locally-made products with the iconic green and gold kangaroo, please visit