Norco Primex 2018 will again be a mix of business and fun for the 25,000-plus visitors who will come through the gates across the three-day event. Since the first Primex in 1985 this primary industries expo has never failed to deliver to its loyal patrons.

People come to Norco Primex for a variety of reasons. There is the heartbeat of Primex, the men and women from the land, who come to do business. More than $40million in sales is generated by this exposition each year.

But Norco Primex is not all business. There are the weekend warriors who come to explore the vast array of product that is spread out before them. From traditional tools to cutting edge gadgetry, Norco Primex appears as an endless ‘shopping aisle’.

For others Norco Primex is a crucial social event – that one time of the year when they can catch up with friends and colleagues. This is especially the case for people from more remote centres. There is the time, space and facilities at Norco Primex to relax and ‘catch up’.

Norco Primex is definitely a family destination. There’s lots for Mum, Dad and the kids to see and do. There are plenty of locals at Norco Primex, but also people from across the state and across the country.

Norco Primex is very visitor friendly. There’s lots of parking on-site as well as free shuttle bus services that run from pick-up points across Casino. So make sure you put Norco Primex in your Diary – June 14-16, 2018.