Why you need to be at PRIMEX

PRIMEX means sales – it’s as simple as that. Operating since 1985, PRIMEX field days have created a culture between exhibitors and buyers. It is more than a trade fair. It is a busy sales forum.

Buyers come knowing they can ‘touch and feel’ the product and talk to someone who knows the product. There will be more than 1000 companies represented at PRIMEX 2022.

Exhibitors know customers will be at PRIMEX. More then 30,000 people are expected through the gates across the three days. The people who use your product – from some of Australia’s most significant primary producers to weekend gardeners – will be at PRIMEX 2022 looking to buy.

Norco PRIMEX has undertaken extensive research into its own product so existing and potential exhibitors know what they are buying into. Anecdotal evidence across 33 PRIMEX expos since 1985 indicates it is an extremely successful market-place for both sellers and buyers. However independent surveys in recent years have proven that as fact. Here are some survey results:

Expenditure On Major Purchases:
10% of visitors to PRIMEX bought major purchases (over $1000) such as cars and tractors at an average of $12,300 per visitor. This equates to sales of over $40 million generated for exhibitors and sponsors annually at PRIMEX.

Main Interests:

Survey respondents were asked to choose their main interests at the event. Agricultural machinery (53% of responses) was the primary interest. There was also a strong interest in home, lifestyle and travel (46%) and livestock (45%). Over a third of consumers are also interested in tractors (35%).

Purchase Intention:
Approximately 70% of consumers responded they are either likely, or highly likely to purchase from exhibitors in the future – based on what they had seen at PRIMEX.