Forestry & Timber Industry Collective

Hurford’s Forest in conjunction with Timber NSW, NE NSW Forestry Hub will be inviting all industry stakeholders to attend the Timber & Forestry Industry Collective at Primex 2023.

This will be the first time, many of our industry have been able to meet and network while seeing the latest in machinery, equipment, products and innovations that are critical to the sustainability of our industry throughout Australia and most specifically the northern NSW and southern Qld timber and forestry corridor.

Andrew Hurford
Chair, Timber NSW


The Forestry & Timber Industry Collective represents a collaboration between Primex and key industry stakeholders including Koppers Wood Products, Hurford’s Sawmill, Sustainable Forest Management, Local Land Services, NE NSW Forestry and Timber NSW.

Like many other facets that make Primex Field Days such an important event, supporting primary industry through education and innovation is a pillar, and the Forestry & Timber Industry Collective will initiate the networking and trade presentations to establish the collaboration.

Engaging visitors will also be a critical factor in providing key learnings on one of our country’s great natural resources. Profiling important & practical value-adds in areas such as the use of bark tannin, through to insights into biofuels and timber products including utility poles. With timber part of our low carbon future as we head towards CN30, the Collective will include service providers proficient in supporting landowners from assessment of their land through to reforestation options.

The entire supply-chain is covered where you can see and be part of heavy machinery demonstrations, landcare with regenerative farming practices and tree planting programs, alongside practical outcomes for plantation forestry with integration of farms and trees for long-term benefits.

Linked to our Education and Careers Hub, employment and job opportunities and training in the Forestry and Timber Industries and processing will offer a range of potential opportunities into the future.