Health & Wellbeing

Primex is working with Government, Support Groups and Organisations to bring together a range of health experts and organisations in a dedicated area of the Event. The objective is to provide visitors with the opportunity to receive health advice and a range of check-ups, including blood pressure checks, blood sugar level testing, hepatitis C testing, and skin cancer spot checks, among many others.

Those participating in the Health & Wellbeing Hub can also connect visitors with support networks across the Region for various health conditions.

This initiative is an affirmative action and proactive response to ensure that the North Coast and specifically Northern Rivers, as a vast area of villages and smaller rural communities, have the same health and wellbeing opportunities as those who live in larger urban areas.

We know it can be difficult to get people from our farming and rural communities in to see medical professionals and this is the primary objective of the Hub. Having a dedicated space for all participating organisations will be a significant step towards generating the support, information and resources that our communities need and provide check-ups they can get.