NORCO Primex Field Days 2017 will be a unique opportunity for northern NSW businesses to showcase their products to a national market.

Event director Bruce Wright said Primex has always been the ‘Yellow Pages of Rural Australia’ and that would be the case at Casino from June 15-17.

“Primex has been around since 1985 and has always been a great shop window for businesses from places like Casino, Lismore, Grafton and beyond,” he said.

“For many it has been a pretty tough couple of years and what Primex offers is a chance for these local businesses to literally open their doors to thousands of people.

“Every business needs an injection at some stage. For example, if you are a business in Lismore with 10 or 20 or maybe even 100 people coming by each day for a look, well, by being at Primex you will have up to 30,000 people coming across your business in three days.

“It is that once a year occasion when you can show off to the nation, but especially get into the local market.”

Mr Wright said every Primex had an atmosphere of excitement and innovation, but the bottom line is people come to buy and sell.

He said Primex would continue to be a major financial factor in the Casino-Lismore region, generating an expected $30million in sales, injecting $5million into the local economy and attracting 30,000 through the gates across the three days.

“That is what Primex is all about – an opportunity for the man on the land to speak to experienced industry people and get the best deals,” he said.

“It is a marketplace. The exhibitors who come to Primex want to make a deal. That’s why it presents a great opportunity for local businesses to be a part of Primex Field Days.”

He said Primex 2017 would have a ‘fresh face’ but with traditions that have succeeded across 33 years.

“We have an event history that I am very proud of,” he said.

“Since the first Primex in 1985 there have been some extremely successful elements. However all industries change and the new Primex will be cutting edge. We will blend innovation with tradition.”

Norco Primex Field Days has been a major calendar event for primary industry since 1985. This year it is expected to attract 300 exhibitors, 1000 brands and more than 30,000 visitors across its three days.